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Look no further than this easy flower craft made out of colorful cupcake liners and sticks. This simple and inexpensive project is perfect for adults and even older kids, like teenagers, who are looking for a way to pass the time at home. With just a few supplies and a little bit of imagination, you can create a beautiful bouquet of flowers that can be used as home decor or even as party or holiday decorations.

This easy craft turned out to make something pretty enough to actually use as home decor! I was really impressed at how the combination of sticks and cleverly cut cupcake liners looked on my entry table. To be honest, a lot of crafts end up in the trash eventually, because although they are fun to make, I’m usually not proud enough to display them in the house. This lovely project turned out to be the exception.

Arrange them in a container of your choice, and you’ll have a vibrant and eye-catching accent for any table. 🙂

Easy crafts to make with things you have at home! These DIY cupcake liner flowers make for beautiful home decor. A great project for adults and teens to make at home when bored! This project is inexpensive, easy and so much FUN to make!

I love the idea of using these paper flowers as home decor, but they would also make for a lovely homemade party decoration! I can imagine them being used as a centerpiece for a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, graduation, or any holiday! Just theme them with the right colors to match the special occasion.

DIY Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquet | A fun and easy craft idea for adults when bored at home! My teenage daughter had a lot of fun making these with me. A great addition to our home decor!

To make these delightful paper flowers, you’ll need a variety of colorful cupcake liners in different colors and patterns. You can easily find these at your local grocery store. You’ll also need to gather some sticks from the yard– a nice opportunity to go for a little nature hunt! I found a few caterpillars on mine. Other supplies you’ll need include a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun to attach the cupcake liners to the sticks. That’s it!

Supplies Needed

  • A variety of colorful cupcake liners
  • sticks from your yard
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Are you looking for fun and easy crafts to make? These cupcake liner flowers are beautiful and cheap to make with supplies you probably already have at home: colorful cupcake liners, sticks, scissors and a hot glue gun. This is a beautiful DIY home decor craft or even party decoration for adults and teenagers to make.


Using FOUR cupcake liners at a time, fold and cut them following the pictorial above. You’re basically just folding the liners in half, and then in half again to create a small fan. Then cut patterns on the round edge like you would a paper snowflake! You can do this however you’d like with curvy or straight lines (I did a variety of both).

You’ll also want to cut a small chunk of the pointy end off to create a hole that will make them easy to slide onto your sticks.

DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers Craft | This easy project is beautiful and fun to make with just a few cheap supplies that you already have at home. This paper flower bouquet makes for gorgeous home decor or even party decoration. A lovely centerpiece for any occasion! Because of the hot glue gun and intricate cutting involved, it's best for adults and older kids like teenagers.


Loop the liners onto the end of a stick. One cupcake liner at a time, hot glue the base down onto the top end of the stick, pinching the base together to create what looks like a flower. Repeat for all four cupcake liners, hot gluing them down one after the other fairly close together.

Cupcake Liner Flowers | This easy DIY craft turned out absolutely beautiful! I made a bouquet with the flowers that actually turned out to make for lovely home decor on my entry table. You could also use these DIY paper flowers with stems as a party decoration. Baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, etc! These would make for a great gift idea, too. An easy and affordable craft idea for adults to make at home!


Once all the cupcake liners are attached to the sticks, your bouquet of flowers is complete! Arrange them in a vase or container of your choice, and you’ll have a vibrant and eye-catching centerpiece for any table. Alternatively, you can display them on an entry table, coffee table, kitchen island or fireplace mantel to add a pop of color to your home decor.

DIY Flowers with Stems made out of colorful cupcake liners! This creative project is perfect for older kids, teenagers, and adults to make. They would make for a great gift idea! pretty enough to sell, too!


  • I recommend cutting FOUR cupcake liners at a time because anything more than that is very difficult to cut. I also think four is the minimum you need to create a full, nice-looking flower.
  • Get creative and try mixing different colors and patterns of cupcake liners into a single flower.
  • I chose sticks from the yard that had several end points, so some of my sticks had 2 or even 3 flowers attached to each one. I think this made for a more realistic looking bouquet! I also think it looks nice to choose sticks in a variety of lengths and different curves.
  • You could also add embellishments to the flowers like glitter or ribbon, or even brush on some craft paint to the ends of the flowers for added texture and color.
  • After making this project, I was thinking it would have been nice if I had some leafy green colored cupcake liners! You could cut the liners into quarters and pinch them together, and then glue them along the sticks to make something that resembled foliage.
  • In addition to home decor, these paper flowers would be beautiful as a party decoration displayed as a centerpiece for just about any occasion. Simply choose colors that are fitting to the holiday or party theme.

A fun and easy craft idea for adults! These cupcake liner flowers are beautiful displayed on your entry table, dining table, kitchen island or even fireplace mantel. If you're looking for DIY home decor projects to make, this flower bouquet is inexpensive and really charming. So easy to make! You really can't mess it up. Just gather some sticks from your yard and get to gluing!

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DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers | This fun and easy craft idea is simple for adults and older kids to make! I love how it looks on my entry table. If you're looking for simple projects to do at home, this is one of my favorite crafts I've ever made. It's actually pretty enough to display, and uses cheap supplies you already have at home. These paper flowers with stems would also make for a great gift or party decoration. Super easy and beautiful!

These cupcake liner flowers are an inexpensive and easy craft to make! I think this beautiful project is ideal for adults and teenagers, but older kids could definitely manage it because these paper flowers are actually really simple to make with a hot glue gun and a few other cheap supplies including sticks from your yard! We decided to display them on our entry table as part of our home decor, but how about a centerpiece for a party! They would be wonderful for any occasion. DIY Paper Flowers made with sticks and cupcake liners! A gorgeous craft idea! These flowers with stick stems are perfect for making a lovely colorful bouquet of flowers for your home. If you're bored at home and looking for something pretty to make, you've got to try this easy project!Are you looking for fun and easy crafts for adults to make at home? These DIY Cupcake Liner Flowers turned out amazing! This simple project is actually really cheap to make with just sticks, cupcake liners, hot glue and scissors. Supplies you probably already have at home! A fabulous home decor project, or even centerpiece for parties and holidays. Easy Cupcake Liner Flowers | Make a beautiful bouquet of flowers with colorful cupcake liners and sticks! This fun and easy project actually turned out pretty enough to display on my entry table. Choose colors that match your homes decor, and voila! I plan on using these flowers as a centerpiece on my kitchen island for parties and holidays, too.