A stunning floral arrangement made with just a few inexpensive supplies! You won’t believe how easy these paper flowers are to make with napkins, of all things. You’re simply going to cut, fold, and wrap the napkins around wooden skewers and hold them in place with a bit of green yarn. Finish them off with vibrant paint colors, and you’ve got a surprisingly beautiful bouquet to decorate your home.

Step by step tutorial on how to make an easy flower craft with paper napkins, paint, skewers, and green yarn.

Supplies Needed

  • square paper napkins
  • long wooden skewers
  • green yarn
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors

paper flower craft made with napkins, wooden skewers, green yarn, and a little bit of paint to make them colorful.

Step 1Unfold your napkins and cut them into four strips. It’s easiest to first cut them down the middle, and then make your other cuts afterwards to make them somewhat even.

flower craft with step by step instructions

Step 2Stack the paper napkin strips on top of each other and begin rolling them around the pointy end of a wooden skewer.

paper napkin craft idea using simple materials to make a bouquet of flowers.

Step 3You don’t necessarily want them to roll perfectly even, but rather a little staggered like rose petals would naturally be, as show below.

Detailed step by step instructions with photos on how to make a simple and charming flower craft. How to make paper napkin roses!

Step 4Pinch the base of the napkins together, and then tightly wrap a long piece of green yarn around the bottom portion of the napkins to secure them onto the skewer. For the last few wraps, tuck and weave the yarn underneath your previous wraps to keep it from unraveling.

DIY Homemade Paper Roses Craft made with napkins! A cheap and easy project for teens and adults.

Step 5Chose your preferred paint colors for your newly crafted roses. Be cautious not to overload the delicate napkin petals with too much paint, aiming to avoid obvious brush strokes. To achieve a subtle and natural effect, dip your paint-filled brush lightly in water before gently dabbing the roses, allowing the paint to slowly bleed onto the napkins.

How to make a paper napkin rose bouquet.

I love the way these easy paper flowers turned out, and they were so much fun to make! A few glasses of wine and some Netflix on in the background made this project extra enjoyable. 🙂

Easy paper craft made with napkins! How to make awesome paper roses with simple supplies. A fun craft for adults and older kids.

Helpful Tips

  • Although I didn’t have watercolor on hand, that may have been a better paint option. Just make sure your paint isn’t too thick going on and is used sparingly. I left the bottom portion of the roses unpainted because I like the tie-dye effect it gave, plus I didn’t want to overload them.
  • Colorful napkins would make this project even easier! You could buy a variety of pastel colors and skip the painting all together.
  • Floral tape or green pipe cleaners could also be used in place of the yarn. In fact, the wire in pipe cleaners would naturally keep them in place.
  • These homemade paper flowers would make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, party decoration, over even spring time home decor on an entry table or mantel.

Beautiful DIY Paper Rose Craft made with cheap supplies including napkins, wood skewers, yarn, and paint with a step by step detailed tutorial with lots of photos.

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Fun and easy rainy day craft idea! These homemade paper napkin roses are an awesome project to make at home for older kids, teens, and adults! They make for stunning party decorations, spring home decor, Easter decorations, or a beautiful homemade Mother's Day gift. DIY Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to make Paper Roses with napkins, wooden skewers, yarn, and paint. A fun and easy flower craft for kids and adults of all ages! This simple spring time craft makes for lovely home decor, party decorations, or a handmade gift for mom, grandma, or your favorite aunt. Homemade Paper Flower Craft made with napkins and wood skewers!How to make gorgeous paper roses with white napkins, yarn, skewers, and paint! Complete with a step by step tutorial and lots of instructional photos. This easy craft is a great rainy day activity for adults and older kids such as teenagers. Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gift idea! How to make a rose bouquet with paper napkins. A cheap and easy craft project for kids and adults to make with basic supplies. If you're looking for homemade gift ideas, these paper flowers look stunning!Paper Napkin Roses | Step by step instructions on how to make craft flowers with napkins, yarn, and skewers! This impressive craft is surprisingly easy to make and makes for a wonderful gift idea for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, or anytime you want to do a spring project. Napkin Roses with an easy to follow tutorial! If you're looking for easy craft projects for adults to make at home, these awesome paper flowers are simple to make with supplies you probably have at home: paper napkins, wooden skewers, yarn, and paint. How to make a rose bouquet with napkins! If you're looking for easy flower crafts to make when bored, these napkin flowers are easy to make for teens, adults, and older kids who love to get crafty. A fun and entertaining craft on a rainy day!