How to create awesome wall art with puzzle pieces, a small canvas, and bit of glue. This easy project is not only fun to make, but the end result is something beautiful you can hang on any wall of your home. It’s the perfect homemade craft for all ages, including us bored adults looking for something creative to make on a rainy day.

What You’ll Need

  • Any size canvas
  • paint for the tree trunk
  • small paint brush
  • tacky glue
  • colorful puzzle pieces (preferably small)
  • a few glasses of wine (optional)

Are you looking for adult craft ideas? You've got to try this puzzle piece wall art! You'll just need a canvas, old puzzle pieces, glue, and paint. This creative and fun project makes art that you can actually be proud of. I made a leafy tree on a 16x20 canvas with small colorful puzzle pieces and a painted on tree trunk.

Step One: Paint A Tree Trunk

Before we get to the puzzle pieces, we need to make our tree trunk! I simply used brown acrylic paint to make mine on a 16×20 canvas. Most of the branches will eventually get covered, so I wouldn’t spend too much time there (like I did). The trunk is what will be on full display.

DIY Leafy Tree Canvas Wall Art made with puzzle pieces! This fun and easy adult craft is perfect for a rainy day project, and the end result is something you're going to be proud to hang on your wall.

Step Two: Glue on Your Puzzle Pieces

Once you’re happy with your tree trunk, break out your glue and puzzle pieces– it’s time to get to work! Arrange the pieces all around the tree limbs. I first separated out the colorful pieces from the box that I wanted to use and kind of organized them by color, but I’m a bit crazy. Have fun and arrange the puzzle pieces however you’d like.

How to make beautiful leafy tree canvas wall art using old puzzle pieces, paint, and glue! This clever home decor project is perfect for adults, teenagers, and older kids to make on a rainy day at home. I absolutely love how this easy craft turned out. I used a 16x20 canvas which is perfect for small walls and corners of the house that need a little sprucing up.

Do It Yourself Puzzle Piece Wall Art | This fun and easy project is simple to make with old puzzle pieces and a blank canvas! If you're looking for craft projects to make, this creative wall art is fun for all ages.

Step Three: The Final Touches

Once I had my tree full, I decided to add some falling pieces to fill in all the blank space. You could also get super artsy and draw a swing on the tree, add flowers, paint on some grass, or anything else creative to add extra details.

Leafy Tree Puzzle Piece Wall Art | If you're looking for cheap and easy projects to make, time to break out an old puzzle to make this gorgeous DIY wall art! Simply draw a tree trunk on a white canvas and then have fun gluing on colorful puzzle pieces to make the leaves.

Helpful Tips

  • You don’t need very much glue to adhere the puzzle pieces. A small dab will do.
  • If you don’t have any old puzzles to use, try Goodwill or any second hand store to pick one up. It’s ok if they’re missing pieces!
  • The smaller your puzzle pieces, the less gaps you’ll have in-between each piece. I used a 1000 piece puzzle and they seemed to be the perfect size.

  • Try layering some of the pieces to fill in empty space and create a visually appealing 3-D effect.
  • The project does not have to be immaculate. In fact, you could draw on a basic tree trunk to get the kids started, and then let them have fun gluing on all the puzzle pieces.
  • Consider other art concepts outside of puzzle leaves. You could use puzzle pieces to fill in a skirt on a dancer or ballerina, fill in a head of hair on a portrait, flower petals in a garden, or anything else you can imagine up.

Are you looking for fun and creative craft ideas for adults? This DIY Puzzle Piece wall art is super easy! You really can't mess it up and it would look beautiful on any wall of your home. You could even make this as a gift. Get creative and draw on any details you'd like such as grass or flowers, plus you can choose colors for any season.

I can’t think of a more whimsical way to turn a boring white canvas into something you’d actually want to hang on your wall. You can make this leafy tree as colorful or plain as you’d like depending on the room you plan on hanging it in, so choose your puzzle carefully!

DIY Leafy Tree Wall Art Project made out of colorful Puzzle Pieces! This creative craft project is perfect for both kids and adults, and the end results is DIY canvas wall art that you are going to love.

DIY Canvas Art Idea using puzzle pieces! A great way to recycle an old puzzle that is missing pieces-- make colorful and creative art! I made a leafy tree covering a hand painted tree trunk.If you're looking for rainy day projects to make, this adult craft makes for beautiful DIY wall art! Simply glue puzzle pieces onto a canvas with a simple painting of a tree trunk.You're going to love this puzzle piece craft idea! A step by step tutorial on how to make beautiful and whimsical wall art using a blank white canvas and colorful puzzle pieces. This is a creative craft project for both adults and older kids.