Recycled tin cans are surprisingly useful! Unfortunately, removing the label isn’t enough to make them much to look at, which is why I’ve come up with a few easy and creative ways to decorate them using common materials that you probably already have at home.

If you're looking for DIY tin crafts and projects to make, here is a list of fun and creative ideas anyone can make! They are perfect for displaying on a book shelf for organizing small items such as pencils, paint brushes, etc. You can also use them for holiday decor to display garland, flowers, or leaves.

These upcycled tin cans have become handy little organizing containers in my office. I love the way they look on my book shelf, and they make everyday items such as pencils, paint brushes, markers, and more just a reach away!

Tin Craft Projects For Adults | Your going to love this recycled craft idea! This is how you upcycle tin cans into gorgeous containers for organizing small household items for your office, craft room, or bathroom. This cheap project can be done with simple items you probably already have at home.

They also make for gorgeous containers to display holiday garland or flowers.

Holiday tin can decorating ideas for Christmas garland and fall leaves.

Any holiday is a great time to get creative with tin cans including Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or whenever you’re feeling a little crafty.

Easy Bunny Recycled Tin Can Craft

Decorating Materials

Sticks, rope, twine, yarn, fabric, felt, acrylic paint, spray paint, ribbon, burlap, dried flowers or leaves, craft sticks, decoupage, newspaper, book pages, craft paper, decorative tape, glitter, buttons, pom poms, photos, lace, print-outs, chalkboard labels, stickers, pipe cleaners, beads, inspirational quotes, mod podge or anything else you can imagine up!

List of items you can use to decorate and upcycle tin cans! This easy craft project is perfect for adults. Not only do they look stunning and charming on a shelf, they help keep your office and craft supplies organized. A super budget friendly project for a rainy day at home!

A Hot Glue Gun is a must for adhering most of these items to the surface of a tin can such as sticks, burlap, pom poms, fabric, twine, etc.

Simple and beautiful tin can projects to try! Here is an easy and budget friendly way to recycle something you would normally throw in the trash.

Tin can covered in sticks to make a whimsical and rustic vase.

Mod Podge makes it easy to apply any kind of paper or thin items such as print-outs, newspaper, book pages, dried flowers and leaves.

How to use mod podge and tin cans to make cute tin can containers to use as organizers or vases.

How to make creative and useful containers out of tin cans!

Small Rope or Twine is an easy way to give a recycled can a huge upgrade! It’s easy to apply with hot glue by simply wrapping it all the way around the can until it’s completely covered.

Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint is a simple way to transform a tin with just a quick coat. You can also use sandpaper once it dries to give it a more antique look while also removing any brush marks. And, how about a chalkboard label? Why not.

Easy and useful craft project for adults! Turn a tun can into a beautiful organizing container.

Fabric is one of my favorite ways to decorate a tin can but it does require a bit of measuring, and it’s best to fold and iron about ΒΌ inch of the edges in so that you don’t have fraying ends.

Helpful Tips

  • Be sure to remove the label, clean the cans well with warm soapy water, and watch out of sharp edges where the can was opened.
  • Use a small sponge brush to apply Mod Podge to the back of your paper or dried flowers to stick it to the can, and then press it down to smooth out any lumps. You can also apply another layer of Mod Podge over top, depending on the look you’re going for.
  • Try printing out photos or quotes to make your cans more personal. You could even give them away as charming gifts!
  • You can find detailed step-by-step instructions for all of these projects with a lot more pictures over at my other blog. πŸ™‚

Are you looking for recycled crafts that are both useful and creative? You've got to try these budget friendly and easy tin can projects! Upcycling is my favorite way to craft because not only are you turning trash into treasure, but it's usually cheap to do with supplies you already have at home. This is the perfect craft for adults that provides a little bit of home decor and a simple way to stay organized.

Are you looking for DIY projects for adults? You're going to love this recycled craft idea! Here is how you turn a tin can into something gorgeous that is not only useful but looks lovely on a book shelf, desk, bathroom counter, and more. I use these decorative upcycled containers for organizing my office and craft supplies. These fun and creative tin can crafts are not only beautiful but useful! Use them to organize small items in your office or craft room. My teenage daughter had so much fun making this craft with me.How to recycle tin cans into useful and pretty storage containers! If you're looking for upcycling ideas, there's nothing more budget friendly than turning tin cans into gorgeous containers for holiday garland, office supplies, make up brushes, and craft room organization.Easy & Useful Tin Can Projects | Are you looking for craft ideas for adults that are actually useful? You've got to try these awesome tin can crafts! This is how you turn trash into treasure with common supplies and materials you probably already have at home. This is a wonderful rainy day activity!